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Why I Killed my Best Friend

Literaturhaus Basel

With a Greek aperitif!

With Amanda Michalopoulou, who is living and working in Basel for 3 months. A chance to get to know the work of this award winning author in German.

In her new novel, the ten-year old Maria suddenly finds herself back in Greece, the land of her birth, and homesick for Nigeria, the country of her childhood, where her father works for an oil company. She hates everything about Athens: the food, the school, the language. Until Anna comes along. The two girls become best friends, as well as the fiercest of rivals. Michalopoulou traces the highs and lows of this powerful, self-destructive relationship from their time together in school during the 1970s, after the dictatorship, into adulthood. “A book like no other I have ever read. I have no idea how Amanda Michalopoulou did it.” (Daniel Kehlmann on "God’s Wife")

A cooperation with Atelier Mondial

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