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The Literaturhaus

The Literaturhaus Basel stages fascinating and lively encounters with authors, promotes an exchange of views about literature and aims to encourage the desire to read and write. It is a cultural intersection for all those interested in deepening their understanding and discussing contemporary literature, and political and social topics. Our stated aim is to reflect social diversity in all its many aspects, by including the many different themes and issues it raises in our programme, as well as to attract and involve as broad a public as possible.

The Literaturhaus Basel hosts more than 100 events a year, which can now also be streamed. The programme focuses on readings by interesting and contemporary authors from abroad, from Switzerland and the Basel region. Non-fiction, contemporary debates and thematically linked events also form part of the programme, together with writing and reading circles, children's afternoons, workshops for schoolchildren and literary walks. Sofa-readings are an opportunity to present new literature in an informal way in private spaces. The International Poetry Festival Basel takes place at the end of January each year.

The Literaturhaus-Café "Kafka am Strand" not only offers daily lunch menus, salads and snacks, but also numerous newspapers, magazines and books.


The Literaturhaus Basel was founded in 2000 as the first of its kind in Switzerland. Its first home was in the Gerbergasse in the Mitte district, where to begin with, the first director, Margrit Manz, found herself staging events at a time when many in the city were still asking whether literature needed a house at all. Since 2006, the Literaturhaus has been located at Barfüssergasse 3. Initially, its main source of financial support was the Christoph Merian Foundation, but since 2009, the Canton of Basel-Stadt has also contributed to the upkeep of the Literaturhaus. It operates under the auspices of the LiteraturBasel Association, which also organises the International Literature Festival BuchBasel and awards the Swiss Book Prize together with the SBCV.

We look forward to seeing you! And because we want the Literaturhaus to remain lively and invigorating, it is important for us to receive your suggestions and feedback, so you help to shape it.

Support the Literaturhaus

Become a member of LiteraturBasel or support us with a one-off donation to our account:

PC-Konto LiteraturBasel: 60-121961-1
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Address: Verein LiteraturBasel, Theaterstrasse 22, 4051 Basel

Many thanks!


Barfüssergasse 3, 4051 Basel (Event venue)

Theaterstrasse 22, 4051 Basel (Offices, postal address)

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