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Writer in residence with Atelier Mondial

In 2014, Atelier Mondial (formerly iaab), together with the Literaturhaus Basel and the Literaturhaus Freiburg, started a writer in residency programme in Paris and Basel.

The residency abroad is intended to offer scholarship holders an opportunity for research and to provide stimulus for their literary work. On top of this, scholarship holders have the chance to engage with the local cultural scene in Paris and Basel, make contacts and exchange ideas and inspiration. The scholarship offers the chance to work and live in an international artist's residence in Paris or in a studio on the Dreispitz, as well as providing a contribution to living costs.

The Greek author Amanda Michalopoulou is in Basel from December 2022 to February 2023. Felix Reinhuber is the scholarship holder in Paris from January to March 2022 and Annina Haab is there from April to June.

The Belarusian author Sasha Filipenko is in Basel from July to September 2021.

The Syrian author Rana Zeid is in Basel from October to December 2020. Ariane Koch and Matthias Wittman are Writers in Residence in Paris.

Iraqi author Inaam Kachachi is in Basel from April to June 2019. Bille Hag is in Paris from January to March, and Michelle Steinbeck from April to June 2019.

Felix Schiller works and lives in Paris from January to March 2018; Anaïs Steiner from April to June 2018. The Georgian author Lasha Bugadze is invited to Basel as a guest from July to September.

Basel author Daniela Dill lives and works in Paris from January to March 2017; Mónika Koncz from Freiburg from April to June 2017. Asli Erdogan is invited to Basel as a guest, but is unable to take up the residency.

Andreas Stichmann lives and works in Paris, Iman Humaydan spends the autumn of 2016 in Basel.

American author Anthony Marra lives and works in Basel during the summer of 2015. The Basel author Rudolf Bussmann spends six months in Paris from January to June 2015.

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