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With the WortReich-Card you can visit a Literaturhaus event of your choice once a month for a whole year, get to know authors, attend discussions on the latest issues and participate in writing workshops at discounted prices. Our programme will be a regular visitor to your post-box and we will keep you up-to-date with all our latest events and competitions, as well as the most recent literature links.

You can buy the WortReich-Card before every event for CHF 30 at the Literaturhaus box office, or register online here. There’s only one condition: you’re not older than 30!

With colourkey the WortReich-Card only costs CHF 15.

The small print for the WortReich-Card:

If you find there is more than one event that interests you in a particular month, then you can use your Joker. This can be used in any month for the event of your choice.

If you don’t attend an event in one particular month, then the entitlement to admission lapses and cannot be used for any other month.

We recommend that you come early enough to make sure you get one of the best seats.

If you read on our website that we recommend booking in advance, then send us an email to let us know that you would like to attend the event. We will reserve a seat for you and rely on you turning up.

If an event is sold out, and our website will tell you if this is the case, then there are unfortunately no more seats available for holders of a WortReich-Card.

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