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Hör mal! – the literature app for Basel

The free app ‘Hör mal’! brings literature directly to your mobile phone and to your ears. With The Hör mal! app will accompany you along the paths literature has taken in your city: using GPS you can follow the markings on the map and take a stroll down literary lane to various locations where you can pause to listen to texts by authors from Basel, Switzerland and around the world.

The first walk on the app was launched in 2020 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Literaturhaus: we have ‘hidden’ readings by authors who were important for the Literaturhaus and its history, and if you follow the markings on the map you will discover texts by Aglaja Veteranyi, Herta Müller, T.C. Boyle and many more! The walk was desigend by Lydia Zimmer.

In cooperation with the Association International Poetry Festival Basel, the Literaturhaus Basel has created a poetry walk around St. Peter's Square. It provides an insight into the current work of Swiss and international poets. Contemporary voices such as Oswald Egger or Olga Martynova, surprising works by Endo Anaconda, examples of regional dialect poetry from southern Germany or the Alsace and much more.

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