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Literaturhaus Basel

With Aperitif!

Kuno Raeber offended people: with his mannerisms (“I think I’m asocial and the only thing that keeps stops me being rejected by society is a small residue of charm.”), with his homosexuality and with his writing, which was so radical it resisted interpretation in terms of traditional forms and themes. To commemorate his 100th birthday, two books examine the genesis and meaning of his novels and the set of poems ‘Beschwörung’. Martin Zingg discusses the highs and lows of Raeber’s work with the editors Wolfram Malte Fues and Walter Morgenthaler. In addition, Christoph Geiser and Markus Hediger will share memories of their thought-provoking encounters with this unconventional author.

KUNO RAEBER (*1922, †1992) grew up in Lucerne, studied philosophy, history and literature in Zurich, Geneva, Paris and Basel. From 1958 he worked and lived as a writer in Munich, spending time in the USA and Rome. He was a member of the Gruppe 47 and PEN. He died in Basel.

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