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Leïla Slimani

Watch Us Dance

Literaturhaus Basel

Discussion in French and German.

In the summer of 1968, after four years of studying medicine in Strasbourg, Aïcha returns to Morocco. In France, students are marching on the streets, but in her homeland all the budding young doctor encounters is a stagnant world, governed by an authoritarian King, in which the only doctors are men. At a beach bar near Casablanca on the evening of the moon landing, she meets an economics student, part of the young intellectual elite looking to modernise the country, and known to all around simply as 'Karl Marx'. Can Aïcha live her dream of an independent life with him? How much liberation is possible? How free can she be? The fascinating continuation of the best seller 'The Country of Others'.

“It is these crystal clear sentences that make Leila Slimani one of the most important French voices of her generation.” (NDR Kultur)

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