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The Most Secret Memory of Men

Kollegienhaus, University of Basel

This event is NOT in-house!

This event will be held in German and French – La soirée se déroulera en français et en allemand

In enthralling fashion and full of irony, Sarr tells of a journey spanning three continents. When a cult book, previously thought lost, falls into the hands of the young Senegalese Diégane, he goes in search of the enigmatic author T.C. Elimane. Celebrated in the thirties as the ‘black Rimbaud’, he disappears after the book causes a scandal making him the focus of racial hostility. Who was he? A masterful mystery tour, a radically topical examination of the complex inheritance of colonialism, sophisticated, thrilling and ‘simply brilliant’ (3sat Buchzeit).

A cooperation with the Akademie Goncourt, the French Embassy, the French department, and the Centre for African Studies at the University of Basel.

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