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Lore Berger

A Contra Story

Water tower Bruderholz

Event is NOT in-house!

Eighty years ago, Lore Berger took her own life – just before publication of her first novel “Der barmherzige Hügel. Eine Geschichte gegen Thomas” (The Merciful Hill. A Story Against Thomas). A novel, which in its form, and especially in its incisive and masterly use of language tells the story of how a woman surrounded by wealth, but fenced in, is driven to her death. The novel will be read in a marathon session.


10.30 Alisha Stöcklin
10.45 Clara A’Campo
11.00 Eva Seck
11.15 Sabine Gisin
11.30 Gabrielle Alioth
11.45 Edith Gartmann
12.00 Regula Wenger
12.15 Mena Kost

14.00 Verena Stössinger
14.15 Julia Rüegger
14.30 Daniela Dill
14.45 Sarah Altenaichinger
15.00 Friederike Kretzen
15.15 Claudia Gabler
15.30 Annina Haab
15.45 Irena Brežná
16.00 Sandra Hughes
16.15 Michelle Steinbeck
16.30 Selina Iza Hauswirth
16.45 Ariane Koch

Organised by Mariann Bühler, Leonora Schulthess and Tabea Steiner

Free admission! Collection

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