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Sickness and Loss. With Gabriele von Arnim and Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello

Kloster Schönthal

This event is NOT in-house!

Catastrophes, global and private, are omnipresent. As disaster-expert, literature explores these abysses. What can be done to help? Is any form of deliverance in sight? In discussion with authors, experts and the audience, we will devote two Saturdays to these topics. Between times there will be something to eat and time to enjoy the monastery and its grounds.

In her book Life is a Transient Condition, Gabriele von Arnim describes how she nursed her husband for ten years following his stroke, the effect it had on her and where she found deliverance. She will discuss these issues with Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello, who works as a psychologist with those caring for loved ones, and focuses on the issues surrounding vulnerability and critical life events.

Event duration: 04.00 – 08.00 p.m.

Additional date:
11 March 2023, After the Climate Catastrophe. With Simone Weimann and Andreas Mauz

A cooperation with the Kloster Schönthal and the Volkshochschule beider Basel

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