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“A few gentlemen mentioned something about it”. Female authors of the group 47

Literaturhaus Basel

Nicole Seifert offers a completely new perspective on Gruppe 47, the lives of female authors in the 1950s and 1960s, and post-war literature. There were a lot more authors at the notorious meetings of the Gruppe 47 than just Ingeborg Bachmann and Ilse Aichinger, but they have been forgotten, they were written out of history – and as it now turns out, were often not allowed in to begin with. And if they were written about, then not as the authors of their texts, but as desirable bodies or as tragic figures. Writers such as Gisela Elsner and Gabriele Wohmann need to be read anew, writers such as Ruth Rehmann, Helga M. Novak and Barbara König rediscovered. “To read Seifert’s findings is on the one hand devastating, but on the other unimaginably enlightening, important and groundbreaking. A perfect gift for all those who believe they choose their literature based “only on quality, not on gender”. (Missy Magazine about “Women’s Literature”)

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