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Laura Leupi & Jessica Jurassica


This event is NOT in-house! HUMBUG, Klybeckstrasse 241/K104

Laura Leupi and Jessica Jurassica will read from their texts about the violence inherent in patriarchal dominance and discuss the act of writing as an emancipatory practice. Laura Leupi’s “Alphabet of Sexualised Violence” (2024, MÄRZ Verlag) is an auto-fictional collection of concepts, fantastic stories and political slogans that serve as the basis for reflection on the issue of sexualised violence and an attempt to understand it. “Gas Light” is Jessica Jurassica’s latest novel project. A lingering experience of abuse in the mind of the protagonist cries out for expression. Seeking the end of speechlessness, “Gas Light” peels away layers of time to reconstruct the events surrounding the trauma.

In cooperation with HUMBOOKS.

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