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X Schneeberger © Julien Chavaillaz_Mina Hava © Heike Steinweg. Suhrkamp Verlag
X Schneeberger © Julien Chavaillaz, Mina Hava © Heike Steinweg/Suhrkamp Verlag


Guest Appearance by the Wortstellwerk at the Literaturhaus

Literaturhaus Basel

Free admission!

They are called Track Attendants – the authors who, since 2019, sit in the WORTSTELLWERK every Wednesday evening to coach teenagers and young adults with their writing. The “Weichenwärterei” is neither a writing workshop nor a course or module; rather it offers opportunities to meet with a professional author as equals. From January to June 2024 two authors are sharing the Weichenwärterei: Mina Hava (“For Seka”) and X Schneeberger (“suisseminiature”, “Neon Pink & Blue”). At this reading we will listen to texts by young authors that were honed in the “Weichenwärterei”. A discussion about artistic writing and how to make it practically accessible beyond school and literature institutes.

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Author: Mina Hava
Author: X Schneeberger

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