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Indigenous Feminisms

Literaturhaus Basel

Event in English.

The comic collection "Movements & Moments" offers an insight into the indigenous feminist movements of the global South, about which we in Europe remain largely unaware. The exploitation of people and nature plays a crucial role in many of the ten comics from artists in Latin America and various parts of Asia, and in the light of the climate catastrophe the understanding provided by indigenous feminism becomes ever more relevant and important. The co-editor Sonja Eismann discusses the project with the Filipino author Faye Cura and the Columbian illustrator Catalina Vásquez Salaza. In "Dawwang", Faye Cura writes about the successful resistance put up by the Philippine Naneng- people against the building of a dam, and Catalina Vásquez Salazar’s comic "Geraldine" tells of a young trans-woman fighting for the rights of the indigenous queer community in Columbia.

“The themes addressed in these comics, in which women courageously and tenaciously protest in the face of overwhelming odds, are as varied as the artistic and graphic styles in which the stories are presented. “ (Tagesspiegel)

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