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Moons before the Landing (Monde vor der Landung)

Literaturhaus Basel

“Moons before the Landing” is an exploration and illustration of the destructively delusional world of contrarianism avant la lettre. In the 1920s, Peter Bender founded a religious community and made a name for himself with his proclamation of what was known as the Hollow World Theory: according to which humanity does not live on a sphere, but inside one. He is sentenced to imprisonment for the distribution of inflammatory and blasphemous pamphlets. When word gets out after the Nazis seize power that his wife is Jewish, even his closest followers turn their backs on him. “His aesthetics are so unique in German-language literature – that it would not be inappropriate to describe Clemens J. Setz using any and all the available superlatives one could think of.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

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