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Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry

Il n’y a pas d’arc-en-ciel au paradis

Literaturhaus Basel

The discussion will be in French with a translation into German.

«Il n'y a pas d'arc-en-ciel au paradis» (There is no Rainbow in Paradise) provides an insight into the terrors of trans-Saharan slave trading. From the caravans on their way to the Arabian Peninsula to French colonization, the recruitment of African gunmen in the First and Second World Wars through to the rise of the jihadist Boko-Haram-movement, Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry revisits the 200-year-old story of slavery and human exploitation in the region we today know as Chad.

In contrast to the various missionary programmes that promised, and still promise, the prospect of being ´washed clean´ in a (Christian or Muslim) paradise, the author portrays Africa as a place of diverse beliefs and ways of living together.

In cooperation with Culturescapes 2023 Sahara

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