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Before our Eyes (Vor aller Augen)

Kunstmuseum Basel

This event is not in-house!

“Without these women the history of art, as we know it today, would be unthinkable.” In ‘Before our Eyes’ Martina Clavadetscher lends the Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Lady with an Ermine and 17 other women on world famous paintings a voice, and shows that they were much more than just their bodies. Based on extensive research of letters, diaries and specialist literature, Martina Clavadetscher pieces together the lives of these women and in doing so gives them back their names and their histories. And she guides us “with great narrative power to see the crude as well as the subtle mechanisms of misogyny and, equally impressively, juxtaposes them against the various forms of rebellion.” (REPUBLIK) The book began in the Kunstmuseum Basel inspired by a text to Egon Schiele’s copperplate engraving ‘Woman Lying on her Back’.

In cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Basel

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