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Antje Berghäuser


Muna or the half of life

Literaturhaus Basel

Muna is just about to take her school-leaving exam, her mother is a sick alcoholic, her father dead, and the GDR approaching its demise. Then she gets to know Magnus, a photographer and “the most handsome man she´d ever seen”. She spends a night with him. After the fall of the Wall, he disappears. Seven years pass before they meet again and become a couple. During the subsequent years of upheaval in Europe, in which Muna lives in Berlin, London, Vienna and Basel, she is trapped in this relationship marked by violence and humiliation. But she refuses to give up. “A glowing book, one of the best she has written.” (Daniela Strigl in SRF Literaturclub)

The Supporting Act Readings offer young authors a stage on which to read their texts in front of established authors, in a way similar to supporting acts in music.

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