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Talking about New Books I

Lukas Gloor, Timbuktu & Judith Keller, Wild Manoeuvres

Literaturhaus Basel

What´s it like to live next to a nuclear power station? Lukas Gloor tells of a very special oasis for castaways in a scarred landscape. Between train tracks, busy roads and cooling towers, Max finds refuge for a few months in a commune. And then there is the distant grandfather, in the process of dying. “In his first novel Lukas Gloor offers an atmospheric density, a gentle melancholy and incredibly precise book in the tradition of Robert Walser.» (Manfred Papst, BaS)

The protagonists in Judith Keller´s novel are also looking for a new start. But how? When a van is stolen from a multistorey carpark suspicion falls on Vera and Peli. But the investigation sheds no light on things, quite the opposite: bikes arranged in a circle on the train tracks, the abduction of a horse – it seems as though the young women have committed a host of crimes, the one more improbable than the other. “A love letter to chaos, a literary dance on the razor edge between madness and nonsense, but also an expression of resistance.” (WoZ)

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