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Intergenerational Dialogue

Literaturhaus Basel

Christoph Geiser published his first book in the wild year of 1968. His autobiographical family saga "Grünsee" (1978) and "Brachland" (1980) were heralded as the "Basler Buddenbrooks" and made him famous overnight. Now Secessionsverlag is bringing out a new 13 volume edition of his work. To mark the occasion and out of interest in the issue of generational boundaries, the young author and literary scholar Julia Rüegger will discuss decisive moments in the author’s career, continuity and disruption in his work and life, gay literature in the 1990s and queer literature of today – and Basel as the setting for a chronicle of family life. The author will read passages from a number of his works.

You can attend this event in person or online.

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