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Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof

This event is NOT in-house! Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof

The violent suppression of the 2020 revolution took the wind out of the sails of the independent publishing scene in Belarus, leaving it fighting for its very existence. Many books, already edited or even typeset, cannot now be published. To change this situation for at least 33 books, the Slavist Sylvia Sasse and the translator Iryna Herasimovich, together with the author Lukas Bärfuss, have launched the initiative ‘33 books for a better Belarus’. 33 European publishers have been asked to publish Belarussian books – printed for the international diaspora and issued as E-books for readers in Belarus.

An event organized by the Philosophicum Basel in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Basel

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