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Zoltán Danyi Suhrkamp Verlag


Rose novel

Literaturhaus Basel

Having escaped military service, the narrator leaves the Belgian north coast to return to his hometown in Serbia to work on his father´s rose farm. Despite a trade embargo, he smuggles the roses across the border, and uses a set of self-imposed rules to overcome his fears. “I stood at the window and waited for the sun to go down, because that was the rule, and if I didn´t want something bad to happen, I had to wait until it had gone down.” In language that instantly enthrals, - superbly translated by Terézia Mora - Danyi tells the story of a man who writes his way out of the dead end of his life, from the war in ex-Yugoslavia to the present day. “Danyis Rose Novel is a work of magical beauty.” (NZZ)

With the generous support of the Landis & Gyr Stiftung

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