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Guest Appearance of Zytglogge and NZZ Libro at the Literaturhaus

Switzerland and Europe – What Next? With Steffen Klatt, Martin Gollmer and Elia Heer

Literaturhaus Basel

Following the collapse of the Framework Agreement and in the context of the current debate about neutrality, the Swiss relationship with Europe once again finds itself in the spotlight. In his book “Dare to be more Swiss – Act more European” (Mehr Schweiz wagen – mehr Europa tun) Steffen Klatt criticises the over-centralisation of the EU in Brussels as well as Switzerland’s self-isolation. A different view is presented by Martin Gollmer in his book ‘Plea for the EU’ (Plädoyer für die EU), in which he clears up misperceptions and opens up new perspectives. Elia Heer, and others, have examined how relations have developed over the last twenty years in different areas: Switzerland – EU: Special Solutions, Wrong Solutions, Royal Solutions (Schweiz – EU: Sonderwege, Holzwege, Königswege)

An event organised by Zytglogge Verlag and NZZ Libro

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