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First Shoots

Literaturhaus Basel

Nine young writers present the texts they created under the guidance of author Judith Keller at a writing workshop of the WORTSTELLWERK – Junges Schreibhaus Basel, and which are now available as an anthology in book form. This evening is a chance to discover what gets written in the WORTSTELLWERK, everything it makes possible and the role the Literaturhaus Basel can play for writers and young readers.

Readings from: Sina Aebischer, Yanick Antonelli, Noëmi Blättler, Nina Hurni, Caterina John, Lisa Mislin, Janine Schneider, Courtney Schweizer, Leo Wiesendanger.

The WORTSTELLWERK will be presented by Delia Fierz, Tabea Wappler, Daniela Dill and Hannes Veraguth.

Free admission!

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